My dear fiends of Saint Lucy Parish,

Just over three years ago I wrote to you regarding the damage caused to the rectory and the church because of Hurricane Irma.  I was so grateful to each of you for your financial help during that stormy time.  The response overwhelmed me, and your support was an affirmation to me as Pastor.

Now, I write again asking for your financial assistance.  The roof in the rectory is leaking badly and, after 30 years, needs to be replaced.  The Church has a small leak which is an easy fix.  Also, the maintenance building has leaks.  This appeal is necessary because of many “band-aid” fixes stopped the leaking – but only for a while.  The air-conditioners will need to be re-installed properly as part of the project.  The Diocese has approved this special capital improvement appeal.  The Diocese asked that we complete the repairs before a major storm might hit us.   It is important to note that any money received will not be part of the assessment for next year’s Diocesan Services Appeal.  All capital improvement funds raised for this project will stay within St. Lucy Parish.  We have the Bishop’s guarantee on that matter.

The renovations will cost $100,000.  I am respectfully asking you to reflect on your commitment to Saint Lucy Parish.   We are requesting  that you support us with $1,000, if your means allow such a generous contribution.  If you can afford that substantial amount I will be truly grateful and we will reach the goal much quicker.  If you can’t afford that amount, please support us with what you can afford.  I am very appreciative of your financial giving to the Parish of Saint Lucy.

The Chairman of the Parish Finance Council, Mr. Mark Johnson, will speak at all the Masses next weekend, and will be available to answer any questions.  Coffee and donuts will be served that weekend.

I have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope for your convenience.  Again, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all you do and for your continued support of our beautiful parish.  I pray that God will bless your generosity and your faith.  I am truly blessed to belong to such a wonderful parish.  Thank you, and may God the Father keep you safe, may God the Son keep you close to the Church, and may God the Holy Spirit, help you to discern what you can give to support this appeal.  Thank you, sincerely my friends,

With my continued faith, hope, and love for you all,

Rev. D. Brian Horgan

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