1st Annual White Elephant Sale to be held in St Lucy Parish on Saturday/Sunday March 11/12th, after the 4pm Mass on Saturday, and after both Masses on Sunday.

Each table will be available for a non-refundable deposit of $20 – they will move fast, since we will have under 50 tables.

Of each sale, 75% goes to the seller, 25% goes to the parish. 

There will be one payment register.

Clean out your closets, make a bit a money, enjoy the company, and relax with complimentary Coffee and Donuts on Sunday.  Spread the word to your neighbors and friends. 

All items, jewelry, books, clothes, toys, baked cakes, restaurant vouchers, etc.,  can be attained at very low cost.

This will be whole lot of fun. Any questions please either email me, or Michele (Stlucys@bellsouth.net). 

Welcome to a community of faith, working through love.
You are welcome here!
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