Philip Kosloski – published on 03/12/23

Whenever we look at a crucifix, we should remember that Jesus is also looking at us with great love.

Often when we look at a crucifix, we envision ourselves at the foot of the cross, gazing upon the lifeless body of our Savior.

However, the depiction of Jesus on the crucifix should also recall to our hearts the reality that Jesus is looking back at us.

Benedict XVI highlighted this reality in an Angleus message from 2007.

Contemplating the Crucified One with the eyes of faith we can understand in depth what sin is, how tragic is its gravity, and at the same time, how immense is the Lord’s power of forgiveness and mercy. During these days of Lent, let us not distance our hearts from this mystery of profound humanity and lofty spirituality. Looking at Christ, we feel at the same time looked at by him. He whom we have pierced with our faults never tires of pouring out upon the world an inexhaustible torrent of merciful love.

Sometimes it can be tempting to forget that Jesus is alive and is present not only in the world, but in our own personal life. He is there, with us, by our side.

Jesus looks at us with great tenderness and love, no matter how many times we have failed.

The next time you look at a crucifix, let yourself feel the love of Jesus flow down from the cross and into your heart.

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