The entire Church mourns the death of our Emeritus Holy Father, Benedict XVI. In cathedrals, basilicas, parish churches, shrines, and chapels the Holy Eucharist will be offered for the repose of his soul. Communities and individuals will ask God to bestow his infinite mercy on the man who served the Church as Bishop of Rome.

This novena has been prepared to help pray for the Pope Emeritus during this time. The daily novena – lasting from his funeral on Thursday, January 5 through Friday, January 13 – consists of a short reading from Scripture or some other ecclesiastical text and some brief prayers, including orations drawn from the Roman Missal and the Order of Christian Funerals.



Day 1: January 5 — “You are Peter…”

Day 2: January 6 — “Feed my sheep…”

Day 3: January 7 — Peter, the Unity of All the Church

Day 4: January 8 — Authentic Teacher of the Faith

Day 5: January 9 — “Strengthen your brothers…”

Day 6: January 10 — The Petrine Ministry of Mercy

Day 7: January 11 — Peter, the First of the Apostles

Day 8: January 12 — Union of Pope and Bishops

Day 9: January 13 — Successor to the Apostle Peter

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