J-P Mauro – published on 10/11/22 – updated on 10/11/22

While some have closed outright, other facilities have remained open with limited services.

Anew study that has been following the practices of abortion clinics in the US since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade has found that 66 abortion clinics have suspended all procedures since June. The information was compiled by the unhappy Guttmacher Institute, which tracked facilities that provide abortions in 15 states. 

The Associated Press reports that the the 15 studied states had 79 abortion clinics before June and only 13 by July. The remaining clinics, all located within Georgia, have seen some facilities reduce their services, while others have closed outright. The report noted that there were more than 800 clinics providing abortion in the US as of 2020.

The Guttmacher report notes that 40 of the 66 clinics have remained open, but no longer provide abortion as part of their services. While the institute did not inquire as to what services continue to be offered, it suggests that these might include prescribing birth control or referring patients to out-of-state clinics for abortions. Only 16 facilities have closed permanently.

As for Georgia, the only state among the 15 of the study to continue to offer abortion, the procedure has been stymied. Georgia enforces a ban on abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy, which has limited the timeframe for scheduling abortions

The AP noted that the Guttmacher report does not include data from hospitals or physician offices that provide abortions. Nor does it take into account the prescriptions for abortion medication, the means by which about half of all US abortions proceed.

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