My dear brothers and sisters, 

As many of you know over the last several years, we have had many issues with our air conditioning system and cooling tower. We have been fixing and mending the different parts of the system. For instance, in the last year, the air handling unit over the confessional, exhibited a dramatic and “catastrophic” failure in a PVC coupling which resulted in a “flood” in the back of the church. This single unit was properly repaired and brought into code compliance with stainless steel reinforced tubing and associated  materials to prevent future such failures.  It was a very expensive repair. There are a total of 13 air handling units which service the church and hall area. While one of the units was properly serviced post      failure, the other 12 units are in critical need of repair. Of those inspected, each needs proper PVC plumbing, stainless steel reinforced tubing, and  additional maintenance to prevent future failure. It is highly recommended that the 12 units be maintained and upgraded immediately. Failure is not a matter of “IF”, but of “WHEN”, and there was the suggestion that we are living on borrowed time with the current condition. It is also expected that the replacement of such tubing, and    enhanced PVC plumbing will improve the efficiency of the existing system without any additional effort on the cooling tower. As part of the air handler maintenance upgrades, the AC contractor will investigate the ability to add 2 cool air vents to the Apse of the church, near the ceiling, to help in cooling the Altar area for our visiting priests and pastor.

The existing cooling tower has serviceable life remaining. It is provided a modest estimate of 2+ years if properly maintained for the existing cooling tower. In addition, the cooling tower will need some          maintenance, but in current condition it is operational despite the outward appearance.  Eventually, it is      believed, that the pump and several external plumbing parts will need to be replaced as part of systematic  preventive maintenance. The current cooling tower is not the ideal material construction (steel, metal, copper, etc.) for the ambient environment – coastal sea/salt air.   When the tower is replaced, we should REQUIRE that it be replaced with a suitable “fiberglass” tower for durability, longevity, and efficiency. Near term (6 to 24+ months) it is recommended that we use and maintain the tower as is (that is no replacement). Plans should be made to replace the existing cooling tower (and start collecting the necessary funding) for full     replacement to a new fiberglass tower to be ready within 18-24 months.   Perhaps we can delay total          replacement of the tower longer, provided the system still operates efficiently, but we should be ready for the eventual replacement. 

The total amount for this repair to the cooling system for the Church and Parish Center is over $115,000.00. This is where we need your help. Any donation to the A/C will not be too large or too small. Please mark your gifts A/C Support.  

We know we can count on you with this project. It is a good legacy here at St. Lucy Catholic Church that we help so many in our local community, while maintaining our beautiful Parish home. We look forward to continuing to be a light of Gospel truth in this neighborhood for years to come! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours in Christ, 

Father Horgan 

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