This weekend we welcome the Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, D.D., J.C.L. to our St. Lucy parish. I would like to welcome you Bishop Barbarito, on behalf of the good people of St. Lucy, and thank you for coming to our faith community. We thank God for this wonderful day, and we glorify his most holy name for granting you a safe visit to our Parish.

Indeed, we are highly excited to welcome you in our midst—to pray with us and bless us. And more importantly, to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and Confirmation with us. Your Pastoral visit, this day will ever remain in our grateful hearts. Our Confirmandi have looked forward to this day with great anticipation. Their commitment to be vibrant and witnessing members of our church is a wonderful sign of Christ’s love in our community.

Bishop Barbarito you are a gift to the people of the Diocese of Palm Beach. You are a humble and simple shepherd, source of inspiration and encouragement to those of us in your flock. You are a man of integrity. John the Baptist is a good example of the kind of Christian you exemplify. Never pointing to yourself but always beyond yourself to Jesus Christ in all you do and teach. Our parish here at St. Lucy enjoy reading your weekly columns. The topics always enlightening and beneficial to our lives. We value your leadership as you have guided us through these difficult times during the pandemic.

We truly are so blessed to have you in our church today, celebrating the wonderful Sacraments of our faith. I would like to take this opportunity and thank God for your life of selfless service and tremendous sacrifice to the diocese of Palm Beach. We pray God continues to bless you with good health of mind and body. We hope you enjoy our hospitality here at St. Lucy Parish. We are “A community of faith, working through Love” Gal5:6 as you will witness in the kindness and warmth of our parishioners. As a parish family, we pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten and strengthen the Confirmandi as they continue their journey of faith. Let us all give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit here with us.


Yours in Christ,

Father Horgan

Welcome to a community of faith, working through love.
You are welcome here!
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