Resident Manager

“. . . . .The ladies always had a similar look about them; always wearing a headscarf and danimack coat although they wore a different coat for each season. They all seemed to be 5ft tall, their headscarves tied with the knot at the chin, it had a style of its own without all the glamour of beauticians; when referred to, they were fondly known as Father’s Housekeeper. They were never referred to by their first names when a conversation was started among the community. But they were celebrities in their own right even though we knew very little about them – they heard all and said nothing. They had a ‘code of their own’ as we say, they ruled the roost and getting past Miss… to get a form signed or to see the priest was indeed difficult at times. They were very accurate and persistent in all there dealings and their power of observations were second to none. Their lives were a vocation and service to God and the priest. They did not mix much outside, and Parish life relied a great deal on them. They had many talents and gifts and at times acted as a counselor, personal assistant, nurse and doctor to the PP’; they were chef, cleaner, sometimes sacristan, and even ran the parish sale of work, teaching us life skills on the way. I can appreciate now the work they did in the Parish and in the community. There was no fancy title for their job. They knew everyone in the city and how to get a job done. You knew by one word or one look that you could be in trouble but this always for your own good. There is no sentiment in business even in holy business!” Thank you, Mary – you are one in a million!

Welcome to a community of faith, working through love.
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