Parish Manager

Ms. Maureen Winkler has been working confidentially with the Pastor as the Parish Manager for the last year. Ms. Winkler has been a dedicated employee to St. Lucy parish for the last 11 years. She is responsible for creating and maintain an organized, hospitable, productive and effective atmosphere in the front office, assuring a good “first impression” for all parishioners and guests. She is also the parish bookkeeper organizing and maintaining financial records for the parish. Prepares Payroll and payroll records as well as performs all accounts payable/receivable functions. Records and verifies weekly deposit tickets with bank deposits. She has developed systems of filing and organization that improve the fluidity of basic office functions so that the parishioners are better served and the mission of the parish is better accomplished. In addition, she is primarily responsible for recruiting and training front desk volunteer receptionists, oversees the scheduling of Mass intentions, maintains the parish facility usage calendar, and the various modes of communicating information to the parish and staff. She also provides leadership and support of the Parish operations by managing office volunteers and is viewed as the heart of the parish office. Ms. Winkler works directly with the Pastor in professional correspondence and outreach to the parishioners. She also oversees projects directed by the Pastor as well as representing the parish office to parishioners, referring to the competent staff or office when necessary. Maureen also updates and maintains social media with Facebook and the myparish app. Thank you, Maureen – you keep us running in tip-top condition!

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