St. Lucy Team

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor." Ecclesiastes 4:9

Ms. Josephine Dolce

Director of Sacred Music

Ms. Josephine Dolce works with the pastor to oversee the parish music services and liturgical planning programs for all ages. She is responsible for planning all music services for the parish to include Masses, funerals, weddings, and other liturgical services as necessary. She is also responsible for forming and directing different choirs, i.e. children's, etc., and for forming instrumental music groups or individual soloists as well as recruiting and training cantors.

Thank you Josephine - you bring beautiful sounds to our ears and create a wonderful atmosphere for prayer!

Ms. Maureen Winkler

Director of Finance

Ms. Maureen Winkler has been working confidentially with the Pastor and the Parish Manager as the executive administrator and has direct oversight of the public face of the parish office. She is responsible for creating and maintain an organized, hospitable, productive and effective atmosphere in the front office, assuring a good "first impression" for all parishioners and guests. She has developed systems of filing and organization that improve the fluidity of basic office functions so that the parishioners are better served and the mission of the parish is better accomplished. In addition she is primarily responsible for recruiting and training front desk volunteer receptionists, oversees the scheduling of Mass intentions, maintains the parish facility usage calendar, and the various modes of communicating information to the parish and staff. She also provides leadership and support of the Parish operations by managing office volunteers and is viewed as the heart of the parish office. She also oversees projects directed by the Pastor as well as representing the parish office to parishioners, referring to the competent staff or office when necessary. Thank you Maureen - you keep us running in tip-top condition!

Mr. Ludovic Joseph

Director of Plant Operations

Under the general supervision of the Parish Manager, Mr. Ludovic Joseph works in cooperation with the entire parish staff and as a member of the team responsible for the safety, cleanliness, and efficient operation of the buildings and grounds. As a minimally supervised employee with numerous duties, varying priorities, and conflicting demands, he is self-directed, and makes sound judgments and decisions for the overall best interest of the parish. Thank you Ludovic - you keep our church looking fantastic!

Ms. Mary Mancour

Resident Manager

". . . . .The ladies always had a similar look about them; always wearing a head scarf and danimack coat although they wore a different coat for each season. They all seemed to be 5ft tall, their head scarves tied with the knot at the chin, it had a style of its own without all the glamour of beauticians; when referred to, they were fondly known as Father's Housekeeper. They were never referred to by their first names when a conversation was started among the community. But they were celebrities in their own right even though we knew very little about them - they heard all and said nothing. They had a 'code of their own' as we say, they ruled the roost and getting past Miss… to get a form signed or to see the priest was indeed difficult at times. They were very accurate and persistent in all there dealings and their power of observations were second to none. Their lives was a vocation and service to God and the priest. They did not mix much outside, and Parish life relied a great deal on them. They had many talents and gifts and at times acted as a counsellor, personal assistant, nurse and doctor to the PP'; they were chef, cleaner, sometimes sacristan, and even ran the parish sale of work, teaching us life skills on the way. I can appreciate now the work they did in the Parish and in the community. There was no fancy title for their job. They knew everyone in the city and how to get a job done. You knew by one word or one look that you could be in trouble but this always for your own good. There is no sentiment in business even in holy business!" Thank you Mary - you are one in a million!